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Has-company is at your disposal to help you within your production structure to be more profitable and qualitative.
We offer our interventions by communicating and promoting brands and product qualities in Mali, France, Europe, Canada, America, ... Organizing concerts within the African community (the Diaspora), meetings, seminars, Gala dinners to present your brand and the quality of your products. Our service company is open to all your requests.

We have regular requests from wholesalers, merchants, to strengthen their lists of Textiles and their fabric qualities to offer to their customers. The dynamism and anticipation in communication are major assets for the marketing of Bazin and Textiles in Mali and in the bordering countries of Mali, the textile trade is a sector of activity which evolves constantly and rapidly.

Customer requirements in relation to the quality of the Textile are defined by the know-how of our European partners (Textile manufacturers).

We offer you the opportunity to be better known as a foreign company wishing to develop its sales and expand its market.
Communication and promotion in the interest of our two companies, it would be good to make your products known by means of communications, such as newspapers, television, billboards, bus shelter or others ...
The cost of advertising is variable depending on the duration, we can provide you with a quote if necessary…