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Construction materials

Has-company works in the Building Materials sector. It is also present in the sectors

-Waterproofing for the building

-building material

-materials and works for building and pre-made concrete

-Kitchen furniture

-Interiors of terraces and gardens ceramic plates

For renovation, decoration and living room decoration companies

Has-company, is able to provide you, but with modified purchasing habits, and in a way a return to traditional specialization shops offering real advice and real support in the clients' project.

Has-company therefore focuses on service, advice and a wide range of building and construction equipment to its customers. Good advice is necessary in a profession governed by rules of art, standards in perpetual evolution, and ranges of products which do not stop evolving

We deliver to your home or to your site, in a fast time and without restriction on request, on request, we can get you other assemblies and specific materials.

We are always looking for more efficient products. Sensitive to the environment and energy saving. Always wanting to satisfy our customers we remain listening to them and supporting them in their projects.

The proposal from the building materials distribution service.

We offer our technical service according to the complexity of the projects, in particular construction in insulating shuttering blocks. Our partners and suppliers are diversified by their geographic area and enrich us with their culture and know-how.

We have a solution, a system for each field of application that you meet, our teams of technicians are there to guide us, direct us according to the problems addressed

Our company operates in the distribution of construction materials, the range of products supplied goes from the simplest construction product to high performance tools and technologies for professional processes.

Company - Building and public works - Promoter - Architect - Individual ...

Contact us for more information E-mail: has-company@has-company.com