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Has-Company company is involved in the marketing of industrial bottling machines, new or reconditioned machines such as blowing, filling, rinsing machines, labellers, cappers and complete lines for small and medium capacities.

We are able to find complete lines of packaging for our customers for drinks, fruit juices, milk, mineral water, oils, still or sparkling lemonades, sodas, sauces, vinegars, alcohols, etc. in PET bottles, glasses, cartons, boxes, aseptic bags, cans, reconditioning of fillers and blowers with warranty and start-up advice and ad hoc thermal assistance or monitoring in the optimization of bottling lines and their maintenance helps in the organization of production and training operations, maintenance and spare parts for the bottling industry.

Has-Company, working in collaboration with factories, European companies qualified in the bottling field, we can through our network advise the organization of the industrial production of small and medium-sized enterprise of the private sector.


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We can offer you complete lines for any type of product and rate according to your needs. We specialize in selling new or used machines which are reconditioned with an absolute guarantee of reliability and conformity.